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Photon is a full service San Francisco video production company and creative agency specializing in corporate and commercial storytelling.

We know there are other video production companies in San Francisco, and that’s why we work hard at making sure your message comes through loud and clear on the page.  Cause we know that every successful video starts with an excellent script; and if it’s not on the page, it’s not going to be on the screen.

So how do we arrive at an excellent script? We ask a lot of questions.  By understanding the product, company culture, marketing message, as well as your audience, we’re able to turn your communication need into a multi-dimensional media solution.

What is the story?  Go ahead; be the director. Tell us your vision and what you’d like to accomplish; we’ll fill in the details. Nobody knows your story like you do… yet.

Who is your audience & what’s the intended take-away?  The key to creating effective communication solutions is to never forget your audience. We like to think of ourselves as your Audience Advocates. Analyzing every aspect of the production process from the eyes of your audience is how we successfully make your vision a reality.

What’s the platform?  Factoring in the specific exhibition venue is essential when designing the visual style or the soundtrack for your video.  Whether it plays on the big screen at a live event, or as a web video on KickStarter, we’ll tailor your video accordingly so that it looks and sounds its best every time.

….and we know videos are an investment, that’s why we aim to structure every project in a way that can be easily built upon in the future.

What’s the hook?  Perhaps your story is best told as a corporate narrative, or a testimonial, or a hybrid of the two? Whether you’re writing the script, or we’re creating it for you, we’ll help you discover the style that best fits your brand and message in a way that will directly connect with your audience.

DISCLAIMER!  We’re filmmakers.  Period.  We all went to school for this, even though our parents told us not to. So as a creative agency and video production company in San Francisco, we’re kinda specialized.

No billboards or web-dev here– we specialize in creating, writing and producing visual stories that unfold across a timeline.  We work with executives, creative services, product managers or creative directors, and collaborate on how best to bring your company’s vision and message to life by way of video.  If you are looking to print a billboard, define a brand, code a website, or shoot a magazine spread— that’s not our core skillset.   But we often collaborate with those experts, and would be more than happy to facilitate quality connections.

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